Letná For Kids

Theatre shows, creative and circus workshops, summer camp and much more!

Divadlo pro děti

Každý den nabízíme dětem 4 - 5 představení ve stanu i venku. Můžete se těšit na loutková i hraná představení, mluvená i pohybová, vracející se i zbrusu nová. Základní nabídku představení šestnáctého ročníku festivalu najdete po rozkliknutí odkazu "Více".

Letňáček Plus

For the third year in a row, children can spend week end days at the day camp Letňáček PLUS. The programme gives an opportunity to try different circus disciplines, play games and creative workshops. Children will be supervised by professionals from Cirkus TeTy, Cirkus LeGrando, Vojta Vrtek, Bratři v tricku a others.


Letní Letňák

Letní Letňák is a day camp and a summer festival school for children of 6 to 15 years of age. They will learn the basics of acting, juggling, art techniques and voice training. They will be working with experts from each particular field.

There is also a festival kindergarten with experienced instructors and workshops held by Cirkus TeTy, Cirkus LeGrando, Vojta Vrtek, Bratři v tričku and others. In addition to that, children prepare a show under the baton of theatre experts Bela Schenková / Lenka Krupanská. They will perform it to parents and the public at the end of the festival.


Night watch

Heading off to one of our night shows and don’t have baby-sitting? Your kids never want to join you when offered a theatre piece with roaring tigers, grinning clowns and, also, it’s not an animated film?
Never mind!
Finally, this year, you don’t have to force them and be tortured with their grumpy grimaces. Without missing unforgettable things, both you and them. Enjoy our international headliner in tranquility. No kids and no worries.

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