About the 16th edition of the festival

For the 16th edition of the festival of contemporary circus and theatre Letní Letná developed a magnificent opening. The charming French tight rope walker Tatiana-Mosio Bongonga walked over the Vltava from the Faculty of Law up to Letná hill with no safety harness. Apart from the thousands of people who came to watch her from the riverbanks and bridges nearby while holding their breath, people around the country could follow the show thanks to live broadcasting.


The main focus of the programme were the top-class international troupes. Their performances perfectly illustrated the diversity and artistic span of the contemporary circus. The Canadian Cirque Alfonse presented their humorous and dynamic Tabarnak. A unique group of 17 female artists brought Projet.PDF, which focused on strong women’s topics. The Saison du Cirque by Cirque Aïtal invited the audience to a world where the contemporary circus meets the traditional one. Last but not least, T1J (Théâtre d’Un Jour) presented an unparalleled mix of theatre, acrobatics and singing to create an extremely strong show.


The festival takes pride in being an important platform of the Czech contemporary circus scene and tries to support local troupes and artists. Apart from the well-established ones such as Losers Cirque Company and Cirk La Putyka, a variety of less known Czech groups had the opportunity to perform for the public – Collective Momentum, Holektiv, Bratři v tricku, Squadra Sua, Cink Cink Cirk, VOSTO5 and others. This year again there were the topical evenings Cirksession and Juggling galashow.