Children, mums, dads, dance, and circus

french / czech

150 min

Dancers, performers and artists. They give one hundred percent of their time and energy to their creative profession that makes up their identity and determines their lifestyle. Some of them even abandon the idea of having a family and an offspring. But others don’t. They decide to have both – an artistic career and children.


How do they manage? How does this decision make their lives easier? What issues do they need to tackle in their every day lives? And what are the conditions for mum-artists and dad-performers in Czechia and on the international scene? How do female acrobats cope with pregnancy? Does it mean their career is over? What do freelance and resident artists do? How do their partners provide for the family when they are unable to perform? How do they keep a sane work-life balance?


Join us on 29 August and share your experience and good practice with other male and female performers! We are going to discuss children, maternity, parenthood, desire to make use of one’s artistic talent and how not to lose one’s identity when having children and establishing a family for them.