17. 8. -2. 9., 13:30 - 19:00

Guixot de 8 is the first Catalan company and in Spanish that turns the game into a street performance. He does so by collecting the witness of the popular games and of cucana so ingrained in our country and, also, one of the first companies of Europe that takes games by streets and squares.
But it is the first that does it with original games, of own manufacture and constructed with materials recovered, first, coming from the ragpicker and, later, of the clean points of the Mancomunitat la Plana.

This causes our imagination to become small without us noticing. So we have to stimulate it and look for a second life to everyday objects that we no longer use and that we had always thought were only useful for doing one thing.

It is a small revolution. If before a doll was used for everything: comb, bottle, dress etc and now you need a doll for everything, maybe it’s time that those things that we thought were only for one thing serve more. As a bicycle has more uses than the one we know or the chain of the bicycle can be used for more things...

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