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Interactive games De Guixot 8

Guixot de 8 with 26 years of history ,is the first Catalan company and probably the world in turning the game into a street performance. It does so with games invented and built by Joan Rovira with materials recovered from the clean points. The Games, once on the street, turn it into a playful space for people of all ages and conditions.
Guixot de 8 was born in 1991 when recovery and recycling was just a utopia, which only made sense in the northern countries where people were thought to be cleaner and more educated. Unfortunately the need forces us all to look at what we do and how we do it to pollute the minimum possible.

These 26 years of company life have allowed us to fill streets, squares, schoolyards, parks, etc. some 6,500 mornings or evenings of more than 1300 different populations of almost 40 countries spread over the five continents.