International Festival of New Circus and Theatre

For fifteen years Letní Letná has been setting the trends of contemporary circus in Czechia. It has become an inseparable part of the Czech and European map of cultural events.

Since the very beginning the festival has been introducing the crème de la crème of the international contemporary circus. Furthermore, it tirelessly develops the local scene and helps many troupes enter the world „chapiteau“.

Contemporary circus

Contemporary circus is an independent young genre that originating in the 1970s in France. It is also known as the “new” circus in comparison to the traditional circuses of the past. There are significant aesthetic differences between performances of traditional circus families and contemporary circus shows.

A visitor coming to a contemporary show will attend a performance challenging boundaries of artistic and physical expression, mixing organically acrobatics with juggling, contemporary dance, physical theatre, music and rhythm. The show is a compact unit carrying a message or a story. It is hence not just a sequence of ostentatious numbers; the excellent technique is a means of artistic expression of the acrobats.

Contemporary circus picks up the threads of traditional circus while putting together several artistic components and adding theatrical dramaturgy and direction. The scenography can be less distinct. Colourful costumes are often replaced by civilian clothes and there are objects of everyday...

About Letni Letna festival

Since its creation Letní Letná has featured 1,662 performances and the total number of visitors has reached 377,000. The program always offers current productions that have not been presented in Czechia and Central Europe. It features elite troupes with big names that have been awarded international prizes. In 2018, Letní Letná introduced, together with the Belgian festival Zomer von Antwerpen, the European premiere of Dans ton Coeur by Akoreacro.

The festival has been intensely working on the development and promotion of the contemporary circus scene and it organizes and supports get-togethers of experts and artists with the public. In this context, Cirkforum was organized in 2016. This conference was an occasion for the experts, for the public and for international guests to learn about Czech contemporary circus groups and to discover organisations that use contemporary circus as a teaching method. As the event was successful, Letní Letná decided to organize another conference in...

Letní Letná 2018

55 000
During the fifteen years of Letní Letná’s existence, it has featured respected groups from Europe, Australia, Canada, Mexico and Uruguay. The festival has had top representatives of contemporary circus as Cirque Ici, Cirque Trottola, Les Colporteurs, 7 Fingers, Cirkus Cirkör, Compagnie XY, Cirque Baroque, Cahin Caha, Malabar, Atelier Lefeuvre & André, Cie Galapiat, Le Boustrophedon Cirque Trottola & Petit Théâtre Baraque, Cirque Inextremiste, La Compagnie du Poivre Rose, NoFit State Circus, Compagnie Rasposo, Cirque Alfonse, Collectif Malunés, Baro d’Evel Cirk Cie, Akoreacro and many others.

The first edition took place in 2004. In fifteen years it has become an inseparable part of the Czech and European cultural scene. The popularity of the festival keeps growing – the first edition presented 60 performances that were seen by 6,300 visitors. In 2018, there were over 190 shows and the number of visitors passed the bar of 55,000.

When we were starting out, I frankly believed that contemporary circus was beautiful, free-minded, romantic, creative and exciting. I believed that it had a future and that it made sense to let the public know. And I am confident this still applies!

Jiří Turek
Jiří Turek
director and founder of the festival

The Letní Letná festival has celebrated its 15th birthday. Since its creation it has taught Czechs to love circus artists.


Prague's Letní Letná festival brings international and Czech acts which inspire the audience to create their own definitions of contemporary circus. And every year, these definitions are challenged.

Radmila Hrdinová
Právo, 2017

Contemporary circus is a widely accessible genre, which makes it an easy starting point. Yet, disregarding the criterion of quality may be equally harmful in this field as in any other. Looking back at the thirteen editions of Letní Letná, there is no single item that wouldn’t reach the quality bar. A unique phenomenon, indeed.

Jana Machalická
Lidové noviny, 2016

Since 2015 Letní Letná has held the EFFE label – Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe. The label was created by European Festivals Association. In total 23 Czech festivals received it in 2019.