At the festival Letní Letná together and safe

In order for us all to enjoy the end of summer not only in the rhythm of the festival Letní Letná, but especially in good health, we have some practical information for you for your and our safety.

In case of changes, the information will be updated on this page.

Current validity as of August 10, 2020.


Ticket sales

The most comfortable and at the same time safest option is to buy tickets online on our website. If you have any questions about tickets, do not hesitate to contact our e-mail address: or write to us on social networks.

Tickets for the performance can also be purchased during the festival at our box office. More information about on-site sales can be found here.

Hygienic safety measures in the festival area

The festival area is divided into several zones. The Open Air stage and all tents will be limited so that we can regulate their total capacity.

According to current regulations, it is necessary to have a covered mouth and nose indoors with a capacity of more than 100 people. That includes the Children's Stage, the Czech Tent and the Galapiat Cirque tent.

It will not be necessary to wear a veil at events that take place in the open-air (including the Open Air stage), but please keep the gaps between the individual groups.

All areas will be regularly disinfected and several disinfection stations will be prepared for visitors in the area, including a gastro zone.

Safe distance

Please keep safe distances between groups throughout the premises, especially for performances that are played as Open Air.

But the most important thing is that we are all responsible and behave respectfully to our surroundings.

Thank you and see you soon in Letenské sady!

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The pictograms are based on the original graphic design of Studio Najbrt. They were edited for the Letní Letná Festival by Jan Hofmann from Hofi Studio.