Clown Doctors During Quarantine

Dear friends of Clown Doctors,

Unfortunately due to the spread of the COVID-19 disease and the quarantine measures, we cannot don our red noses and have to put on hold our clowning at all facilities.

We cannot enter through the door but we're trying to figure out another way to reach those who need us.

We fully respect and support all regulations that will help stop the spreading of the virus. However, it wouldn't be like us if we didn't think of a way to reach those who need us. We are convinced that joy is needed now more than ever.

That is why TODAY, we are ceremoniously launching our ONLINE channel. Every day, it will serve a helping of the juiciest humor from clown's households all over the Czech Republic for everyone who needs encouragement in these times. Keep your fingers crossed for us, follow us on Facebook, share our efforts. Thank you for staying with us!

Let's keep our hands clean and our minds clear.

We express our deep respect and support for all health professionals. We wish you and your loved one's good health and a positive mood. Let's wash our hands, because "cleanliness is half of the health" and let's laugh a lot, because laughter is the other half.

We're at home in our slippers but we're still there for you.

We protect the health of our employees. Therefore, the entire administration team of the Clown Doctors has the opportunity to work from home until further notice. That way, we are still available to our donors, the public and you, by mobile phones and e-mails as usual.

Like a marriage: "in good times and bad".

The current situation affects everyone, both personally and professionally. Since we've been standing by each other for some time now, we care about how you're doing. We're thinking of you and believe that once everything is over, we'll pick up where we've left off.


Kateřina Slámová Kubešová