Festival Box Office

It is here! On Saturday, August 15, we are opening our festival Box Office in Letenské sady.

Opening hours:

August 15 / 16-20
August 16 - 17 / 12-20
August 18 - 25 / 10-22

Summer in the rhythm of the festival Letní Letná is approaching! Be there with us.

Telephone: 734 820 507 • 774 277 723

(There is a weak mobile signal in the area, we apologize for the occasional loss of connection and the phones only work when the box office is open)

E-mail: ticket@letniletna.cz

You cannot pay by card. However, inside the festival area you will find the ATM of our general partner - Komerční banka.

Due to current security measures, the operation of the cash register will be partially limited.

We therefore recommend that you best buy your tickets online on our website.