Letni Letna Patron’s Club

Become a part of our festival family

There are many of you, admirers and supporters of contemporary circus. You come to see performances at our festival, fill up the circus tents to their full capacities, and, in the process, bring us joy and keep us motivated. What’s more, each year, some of you reach out to us asking how you
could help us even more than just by buying tickets and spreading word about the festival.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your interest and support! Seeing it became one
of the main motivating factors for our decision to establish a Patron’s Club. Anyone – be it an individual, a family, or a company – can become a member with a donation of 1,500 CZK or more.

How will it help us?

One-time or regular donations of both smaller or larger sums will enable us to expand the festival in areas in which we can’t cover the expenses from ticket sales alone. They will aid us in finding and introducing new talents, creating and realizing a program for children or whole families, and having a free accompanying program for the public.

What benefits will it give you?

A good feeling, to some of you. To others, pride from being a part of the festival family. Someone might be proud to wear a Patron’s Club badge, someone else might boast their Certificate on a wall at their home, privately. However, all of you, we believe, will get the most joy out of the circus-themed rewards we’ve prepared for you.

You’ll be getting information first-hand, you’ll have an opportunity to look backstage or to reserve the best seats in the auditorium, you’ll be able to meet with us and the other patrons, personally, every year at a special event, you’ll be able to have breakfast with the festival team, or spend a night in a caravan… The list of rewards is just too long, so why don’t you have a look at it yourself to see what you would like the best.

Patron’s Club • Letní Letná (letniletna.cz)

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