Merchandise 2022 is online!

Have you seen our new T-shirts, hoodies, and temporary tattoos at the festival merch stand, but didn’t get a chance to buy them? Don’t worry, we’ve just put them up on our online store!

Circus-Themed Temporary Tattoos

This year’s new addition to our merchandise are temporary tattoos with circus-themed motives from the brand Kresky, designed by the artist Eliška Podzimková. They have become the hit of this year’s Letní Letná and have served as the identifying sign of our staff and biggest fans.

T-Shirt – Women’s, Men’s, Children’s

This year, our T-shirts were designed, just like the tattoos, by the artist Eliška Podzimková. The design is inspired by the performance Knitting Peace of the Cirkus Cirkör ensemble that you, no doubt, saw in August! We have T-shirts in all sizes for women, men, and children! If you liked our older T-shirt designs, we have them in store, too, so don’t hesitate to check out our online store!


If you’re looking for something warmer than a t-shirt, we have hoodies for you!
Our unisex hoodies with printing on the back and embroidery on the front are made of brushed cotton French terry and they’re soft and smooth. We offer them in two colour variants, black and green. Take a look at them at our online store!

You know our other gift products already from the past years of our festival. Still available are stationery items like notebooks, notepads, and pencils, beautiful chinaware with artist designs of various shapes and sizes, linen bags, socks, and other merchandise.

We’re looking forward to your orders!