Skywalk above Prague

The world-famous tight rope walker Tatiana-Mosio Bongonga and her crossing of the Vltava river in a captivating film documentary.

The skywalk of Tatiana-Mosio Bongonga over the River Vltava far exceeded the idea of a mere "spectacle" for visitors and the media. It was a challenge not only for the organisers and the technical support team, but it also brought reflection and a joyful catharsis for all parties involved. On a 350-metre-long tightrope, which stretched from the Faculty of Law to Letenské sady, at a height of 35 metres, without any kind of protection, we were enthralled by the beautiful Tatiana. From her emotional and heartfelt words, we can begin to comprehend her life story. Tatiana's unexpected reunion with her indispensable mentor Rudy Omankowski, a native of Prague, a member of the famous Czech tightrope-walking family, is both touching and professional at the same time.

Skywalk Above Prague symbolises a risky path to a distant, uncertain goal. The path between life and death, between the beginning and the end, a constant fear of losing balance and to stay alive. And yet, despite this, we sense an incredible serenity because we are between heaven and earth.

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