Tickets for Letní Letná 2021 are now available!

Good old summer days are here! 

In the tent and on the stage in the open air. This year, the festival will be dominated by ensembles from France and will bring tension, joy and adrenaline. And today we are launching ticket sales!

After five years, the contemporary circus film noir Cirque Le Roux returns. The Cirque La Compagnie ensemble will perform an adrenaline ride in the form of acrobatics, throwing knives, but also singing. The audience will be introduced to 100 Issues, which will connect the new circus, Japanese manga and Bollywood. And Johanne Humblet, a tightrope walker, walks in the open air and repeatedly overcomes himself in front of the spectators.

You can also look forward to the Festival of the Czech Contemporary Circus Stage and performances for children. We will publish the complete program during June.

Come with us to discover the magic of the new circus and buy a ticket to the festival today.

Tickets can be found HERE