We have launched a pre-sale for 2021

NoFit State Circus returns to the scene. The performance, which we had to postpone to next year due to security COVID-19 measures, is back and we are launching a pre-sale for 2021!

LEXICON tells about the past, present, and future of the circus. We return to the school desks and look again at the origins and traditions of circus art, which we adapt to the needs of modern audiences.

We create a world full of wild people who will not go anywhere. A world of wild circus and magic, music and laughter. A world where the boundaries between the real and the unreal and the possible and the impossible are completely blurred. A world where there are no boundaries between viewers and artists. A world where nothing is hidden from view.

More information here.

In addition to tickets for individual performances, we also have vouchers available in various values. You can find everything on our website HERE.