AQUANAUTS - Cirkus Cirkör, Cirk La Putyka, Losers Cirque Company, AirGym Art Company & SK Neptun

Opening Ceremony for the 20th Anniversary of Letní Letná Festival For Free

30 min zdarma / free

Come celebrate our 20th birthday with us! We invite you to a spectacular opening ceremony, which will take place on the 16th and 17th August at 9pm in Letná Park, where the Swedish troupe AQUANAUTS and Cirkus Cirkör will join with Czech artistic swimmers and acrobats from Cirk La Putyka, Losers Cirque Company and AirGym Art Company to create a show that will only be seen on these two days and never again!

Letní Letná has nineteen years of experience on the scene of leading theatre festivals, not only in the Czech Republic but also internationally. We want to celebrate our twentieth birthday together with you, the visitors. We are preparing a unique project titled “A Tribute to Contemporary Circus” , show AQUANAUTS, performed by Czech artists and the popular Swedish Circus Cirkör. You will be able to see a variation of their famous water work for the first time on the eve of the official opening of the festival in Letná Park, on 16 August, and for the last time on the first day of the festival, 17 August. Both performances are free and start at 9pm.

For the first time ever, the new water area in Letná Park will also come to life, with more than 50 artists creating an impressive new circus show.

Come pay tribute to contemporary circus with us at the Letní Letná festival.

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