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Collective Momentum
Boreal Normosis

work in progress

40+30 min suitable for children 6+? 290 Kč

 “Why be normal when you can be yourself.”

Back to the woods. From time to time every one of us feels the urge to escape the city, to go away from the civilization and society, to take a breath of fresh air and to get back to something basic and simple. An urge to be oneself.

The new show Boreal Normosis is a modern story where the stage transforms into a forest, a mythological fairy tale space of fantasy. The performance combines contemporary circus disciplines (partner and ground acrobatics and innovative forms of suspended acrobatics), physical theatre, dance and other artistic genres.

Attention! It is still “work in progress”. You are in the middle of the creative process. The final version is yet to come. That is why there is a Q&A session at the end.

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