70 min 290 Kč

4x1 artist
4 short circus miniatures x 1 composed evening in the rhythm of Letní Letní


Filip Zahradnický / COLLECTION OF SCEPTICAL PLEASURES / Work in progress

The show Collection of Sceptical Pleasures is a solo performance by Filip Zahradnický in which he's using juggling and movement as the main means of expression. One of the themes of this production is the desire to "own", to expand one's wealth and at the same time constantly search for what wealth, cultural, material, emotional, actually is. Through manipulation with objects and juggling, he builds energetic choreography with original elements, which creates a visually attractive whole.


Jan Jirák

Body and it’s motion as a symbol of the universal activity. Nature as the main inspiration. Hand balancing and other movement and martial arts connected to one flow followed by breathing of the Japanese Shakuhachi flute conducted by the ambiance of the spectators.


Bětka Tichá / STAV (CONDITION)

Each of us has a life story and there is always a little secret. The performance STAV (CONDITION) points to the issue of a woman who is trying to find her way in life. She has a goal, but she's just looking for a way to achieve it. During her journey, she changes and finds inside of her different movements and character patterns. Who am I? The story is told by the acrobat through her art of movement focused on animal movement and hanging acrobatics on a rope. Spectators may find themselves inside of the show, the ones who like risk and imagery, as well as spectators who are looking for inspiring stories for their own lives.

Veronika Smolková & Ester Waltrová 

What happens when the surrounding world slows down and everything is concentrated in one point. Up there. Veronika Smolková, together with live music, creates an aerial dance on a single-point trapeze inspired by experiences from the past months, when the whole world slowed down and fell silent. In her act, she reflects the escape from the city into nature, on the border of a forest and a field, on a tree on which she hangs her trapeze and hover over the difficult reality of actual situation.

Unfortunately, Petr Biel / Clown Bailo will not perform due to an injury

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