Czech Republic

Filip Zahradnický
Collection of Sceptical Pleasures

55 min suitable 10+ 350 Kč

“A Collection of Sceptical Pleasures” is a full-length solo performance by Filip Zahradnický which uses juggling, object manipulation and movement as its principal means of expression. The show presents an abstract collage of scenes and images inspired by the necessity and the futility of art.

Filip Zahradnický creates his own space where abstract art and particular objects come together to spawn surreal situations which challenge the genre of contemporary circus performance and art exhibition.

Filip Zahradnický is Czech circus artist and juggler. He studied at The Academy of Modern Circus in Copenhagen. He presented his graduation act “VERMILION” at Festival Mondial du Cirque De Demain and won two awards. As a member of Cirk La Putyka, he perfomed at the Chämaleon Theater.


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