60 min suitable for children 10+? 250 Kč

Performers Rozálie Havelková and Anežka Hessová have a surprising number of things in common. They both play the accordion and have spent a part of their lives in the circus. Anežka studied kathak in India and Rosa studied flamenco in Spain. Anežka creates dance and theater performances and also performed for children and spent part of her childhood in a nomadic theater. Rose professionally sings swing with a jazz big band, plays chansons on her old accordion, and occasionally devotes herself to acting. She escaped to the circus as an adult.

Rozladěné držky / Creaky Squeaky Squeezebox is an unexpected synthesis of various theatrical genres, worlds, views, opinions. A scenic collage of classical Indian kathak dance and Spanish flamenco enriched with the poetics of the new circus, nonverbal theatre and clownery, it is based on an authentic story by Rozálie Havelková. By poetic means, it tells the story of going to the circus, of the brave steps  into the unknown and the desire to fulfill a dream. But what happens when the dream really comes true?