Compagnia Due

60 min suitable for children 4+? 170 Kč

A show about danger, fear and friendship.

A story seasoned with a good dose of humor and a play full of meaning, but few words.

A visual theater with emotionality, authenticity and play at its core.

Situations seemingly dangerous, become challenges and play, because facing them we realize that the danger is rather hidden in our fear. The fear of the unknown, of the uncertain holds back the possibility of living certain moments.

The two protagonists of this show collide, stumble and are surprised by dangerous situations, which follow one after the other and with their courageous madness, complicity, curiosity and trust in each other decide to face their fear, turning every moment into an adventure. The result is the discovery of how an apparent danger can also be a new path that challenges, unites and strengthens friendship, self-confidence and the ability to support the other in the most difficult moments.

In pre-sale we offer only a limited number of tickets for the full price. Discounts as Family Admission (4 x ticket for CZK 100) and The Faithful Spectator of Fairy Tales (8 + 2 free tickets) will only be available for purchases at the festival box office open from 8 August.