Compagnie 100 Issues
Don't Feed The Alligators

3 75 min 750 Kč


Alligators will be crowded in Letná during August, so you rather don't feed them!

The bold and revolutionary 100 Issues will come to Prague for the first time with the performance Don't Feed the Alligators. Forget the traditional circus. Nine artists convene a mixture of circus, manga, anthropology and Bollywood in the middle of their tent. With humor, they question our relationship to funerals, myths and create a new beginning.

How to talk about such a topic? How to play about it? We have our skull tattooed, we dive head down from the rocks and without protection, we set our neck fifteen meters above the ground, we watch movies about serial killers and war conflicts. We watch hundreds of people die and we eat pizza during it. But when death really appears in our lives, when we are to understand it, honor it, and confront it, we are completely defenseless.

"A subtle mix of music and voices complements an unusual and unique performance unparalleled."

The company 100 Issues, which was created in 2011, confirms the desire for unclassifiable forms. These artists combine movement, street art, dance, and music. They will show you that the contemporary circus is in the spotlight, in its most explosive form.


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