60 min 550 Kč
Dreams assemble thoughts and ideas like a picture collage. Sometimes, they are gently strewn atop each other like pieces of sun-dried hay and smell just like it. You can stroll through them and feel light. Sometimes, dreams are chaotic and heavy like hay soaked with rain that makes the sky go dark. It makes you wonder whether you should start getting worried only to realize that you are a little scared already…
The (Non)Sense contemporary-circus performance features mostly aerial and floor acrobatics. It is based on imagination and illusions, undefined and outlying ideas with the sole meaning of being meaningless that nevertheless speak to something deep inside your soul and that everyone understands in their own way. A show about dreams. About daydreaming and nightdreaming, desires and secret wishes. About nightmares, childhood visions, skeletons in the closet and mom's dress. About the fact that our uniqueness gives us a lot in common. How many of us have had dreams about falling without ever hitting the ground or running away without being able to move an inch? Have you had your teeth fall out in a dream? How many of us imagined what we'd say in a TV talk show or secretly rehearsed their Oscars acceptance speech? And how many people wished they could eat a whole jar of Nutella?
Forget your life in the outside world for a while and dive inside your (our) self.

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