karavan č. 12 40 min 170 Kč

An original performance by Dominika Špalková and Bára Ungerová for families with children from the age of four takes place in a specially adapted caravan, which is also an art installation.

Maybe home is wherever we are. A project that enters landscape and tradition. An expedition to the essence of what makes a home a home.
Moetivi Caravan.
MO = home
MOE = pattern, ornament
TIVI = repetition, rhythm
OET = error, exception

"We were looking for an answer to the question of what is home and what makes it. We went on journeys that led far north of our homes - among the volcanoes and lichens of Iceland and up to the Sami and reindeer in northern Norway.

We were inspired by the landscape, the rhythm, the encounters with people and their stories. We folded, unfolded and re-folded pieces of memories, feelings, sounds, colours, shapes, ornaments, objects, tastes and smells. We found familiar motifs that recur across time and space. We eventually printed this kaleidoscope image in our production Moetivi Caravan."

Is home a place or a feeling?
And do nomads have a home too?
And do homads have nome too?

"We shared the idea of a performance about home with other groups of artists in Iceland and
Norway, and two other original productions were created in parallel. With our uniquely conceived
mobile homes, we come to you in the Moetivi Karavan project." - Dominika Špalková, Bára Ungerová

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