5 50 min suitable 5+? 120 Kč

The forgotten traditions of the medieval "deududetadytándlí" were taken over by our brave hull, to bring back to the light of the world, under the rays of the sun, to the streets of villages and towns the joy of this age-old pastime, when no one is allowed to stand, I'll play stories with you anyway. In short: a fairy tale as it should be, where there is no lack of wit, murder or even lines, dragon's breath, and pairs of treacherous swamps. You will definitely come to tears and laughter. Even a little rebellion, from the pen of the masters of Utopia.

In pre-sale we offer only a limited number of tickets for the full price. Discounts as Family Admission (4 x ticket for CZK 100) and The Faithful Spectator of Fairy Tales (8 + 2 free tickets) will only be available for purchases at the festival box office open from 8 August.