stan č. 6 30 min 250 Kč

A special adaptation of the project to the tent space will be created for the Letní Letná festival. The spectators will be able to experience the circus tent inside out in a unique performance.

"The greatest danger in life is that we become too cautious." (Japanese proverb)

One of today's highest values ​​is safety. An increasingly extensive system of rules and standards is supposed to guarantee that "nothing can happen to us" in public space. Where and at what risk is it still possible to wander outside, hang out, hang up and hang out? Do our children still go out alone? Safety has become our mantra, but don't we miss the trembling, because of which we jump with a parachute or at least go to the circus?

Performer and acrobat Eliška Brtnická deal in her audio walk performance HANG OUT with remote and forbidden places in public space, where you maybe always wanted to climb.

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