60 min suitable for children 6+? 550 Kč

The circus is beautiful just for of its diversity and openness. All amazing disciplines and skills come together symbolically in a circular rink. However, it doesn't hurt to give one of the disciplines a chance to stand out from time to time and give it a little bit more attention. The Juggling Gala will be this kind of event, giving you the opportunity to have a closer look at juggling.

The Juggling Day Gala Show will showcase a wide range of circus and juggling disciplines, performed by artists of many nationalities.

This year's performers include:

Italian artist Marica Marinoni – a world-renowned circus acrobat with an original style combining challenging tricks and elements of dance and floorwork. André Hidalgo and Alexandre Pich with their circus group "Cirque Graphique", who excel in "object manipulation", and dance.

The Brazilian-Peruvian duo Equilibra and their LED boogie act, which might make your head spin a little.
The Hungarian "Duo Two Many" will perform a number combining dance and pair acrobatics.
From Poland comes the trio Multivisual, headed by the legendary Shae – an artist at the forefront of the contemporary Object manipulation scene.