85 min suitable children 6+? 850 Kč


Knitting Peace returns!

Cirkus Cirkör presents the performance Knitting Peace – a breath taking and poetic contemporary circus experience with jaw-dropping artistry, looped live music and suggestive scenography. In a world filled with yarn, knitting’s and threads, subjects such as peace and striving are woven together based on the idea of circus performers' drive to do what seems impossible. One of the most beloved and successful Cirkus Cirkör shows of all times returns. 

First opening in 2013, Knitting Peace was initially inspired by the circus artists’ desire to push the boundaries of what’s possible. Combining themes of unity, peace and aspirations intricately woven with ropes, tangles and threads, Knitting Peace has turned from a show into an international Movement. 

When we put out our “call to knit”, we were overwhelmed with the response to create in our united desire for peace. From Iceland to South Africa, we’ve received thousands of knitted works from peace makers across the globe. By combining our artform of circus with the artform of knitting, a huge collaborative art installation has been created spanning continents.

Great philosophers have always known that a striving for something more, a desire of a better life, is what gives us purpose - a literal reason to live. In today’s uncertain world, that desire and yearning to make our world a better place has never been felt more acutely.

What unites us is far stronger than what separates us. There’s something immensely powerful about a collaborative piece of art made up from people with very different lives creating together for one common goal. Peace can indeed start with a single person, but it’s only by working together that we can truly change the world.

In Knitting Peace, we delve into the meaning behind our human desires and longings, and we explore the possibilities of knitting peace.

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