Czech Republic

AirGym Art Company
Létací sen č. 245 / Flying dream no. 245

40 min 350 / 150 Kč

Pavlínka is asleep and a dark and fragrant summer night thickens outside the window. Tonight is not only beautiful, but also strange... magical. Maybe someone will visit Pavlínka and maybe everyone will experience the greatest adventure of their lives…

The desire to fly and push the boundaries inherent in the AirGym Art Company's aerobatics meets the story that is the cornerstone of the Aventyr group's performance. The only thing we are limited by is our own imagination - and that, as we well know, is boundless.

We will all enjoy this trip - both performers and spectators.

The show will take place outside, and there is no seating ready on the spot (grass surface). In case of bad weather, the festival reserves the right to change the program. More information here.