Losers Cirque Company
Losers - Special Edition

6 70 min suitable for children 6+? 590 Kč

We present a special edition of the historically first performance of one of the most successful contemporary  circus associations in our country: Losers Cirque Company. This group has been officially pulling it together for the seventh year in a row, and especially for Letní Letná they have put together a well-trodden performance that will be enjoyed by their fans and those who have not seen them yet. Within 70 minutes, the Losers crammed the best they could!

A retrospective circus trail awaits you, led by the world champion of looping, the king of beatboxing, a showman and an unguided missile bursting with the joke of EnDru. Together we will look at the latest acrobatic tricks that Losers have mastered. We will repeat the most beautiful passages from Vzduchem and the craziest pieces from the challenging Kolaps. You can look forward to challenging tricks on straps and inflatable balls from Ego. We will stop at the iconic production The Loser(s), which is one of the most popular with the audience.

True fans of Losers Cirque Company will also appreciate the performance of the founding pair of power acrobats - the DaeMen duo. The show is complemented by captivating live music and clever lighting effects.