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Brněnská líheň
Nagy / Kvašňovský - Sutura / Nivó

Two shows by (not just) students of the Department of Physical Theatre DF JAMU

tent 2 lenght 2x 50 min + 35 min suitable for children 9+? price 350 Kč / 200 Kč
Important notice

Michal Nagy and Irina Andreeva: SUTURA

The joint between the present and the past.

The joint between the past and a memory.

The joint between a memory and a dream.

The joint between a dream and waking.

The joint between being and not being.

Performers: Michal Nagy and Irina Andreeva

The show features stroboscope effects.

Daniel Kvašňovský: NIVÓ

It took a lot of effort for man to deal with the largeness, the appeal and the danger of the air space. To break loose from the ground means to break the ties. To take the control of one’s fascination by heights so it does not lead to doom. To look into the future… How safe is that? Is it supposed to be safe at all? Which ties to break? What is to be sacrificed for an illusion or for a vision?


Performer: Daniel Kvašňovský

Tickets for both shows can be bought separately for 200 CZK/each by following links below
Michal Nagy and Irina Andreeva: SUTURA 18:00
Daniel Kvašňovský: NIVÓ 19:30

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Brněnská líheň
Nagy / Kvašňovský - Sutura / Nivó