60 min suitable for children 8+? 850 / 650 Kč

We’re made up of many halves. They just need to be found.

Tension and hot-blooded temperament. A young Spanish troupe Compañía de Circo “eia” takes Letní Letná by storm with their striking new piece that is bound to captivate your heart – Nuye.

Compañía de Circo “eia” believes that artistic work is a mirror of the society. People are just coming out of the loneliness of isolation – and finding out they’re missing something. They start searching within themselves, and only when their inner universe collides with the world outside do they realize that they need to connect with other people. And who better to tell stories of emotional turmoil and physical closeness than artists?

Nuye explores the dynamics of relationships through couple/duo choreographics, banquine acts and feet juggling. Six acrobats navigate the intricacies of doors, hinges, secret openings, and a diving board, and uncover the scene’s many faces.

"There are souls that one wants to lean out of, like a window full of sun." 
Federico García Lorca. 

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