60 min suitable for children 6+? 350/250 Kč

Attractive. Angry. Tired.

Full of energy. Hated. Mythical.

Adored. Underestimated. Menstruation. Woman.

Always the same, yet always different. Exposed.


Women come alone, with brave partners, or even in groups of ten.  They don't really know what to expect. It should be about women's emotions, maybe menstruation. Well, hopefully it doesn't leak out. And it does. But from the other side - tears of emotion and laughter. And if they came to the show under the cover of darkness so that no one could see them, they leave with a sense of accomplishment, confidence and a healthy pride in themselves. And the men? With the satisfaction of having understood a little more again.

Top-notch aerial acrobatics, singing, live music, dancing, acting. An experience between new circus, theatre and meditation. An emotional multi-genre production Exposed is full of answers to questions that plague women and men, revealing the full range of emotions that both empower women and make them vulnerable.

Since its premiere in 2019, Exposed has been seen by over 1000 people and with feedback such as 'every woman and man should see this'; 'it had a therapeutic effect' or 'I'm really proud to be a woman', there is no doubt that this artistic-educational fusion makes sense ♡.

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