Czech Republic

Squadra Sua
Přecházení / Crossing

surreal clown grotesque

70 min suitable for children 10+? 350 Kč
Five Clowns on their way from point A to point B or maybe from B to A, or if you want to C passing endless points X ... on their way which we like to walk on into our iner world. Nobody avoids to have a story, even if he tried to.

Five Clowns in elegantly fitting suits come with an uneasy question - To be or not to be - that burdensome that at least one of them should make a diet. Five Clowns sticking out their path - and nobody is asking, where are the sticks coming from. A logic of dreams and the absurd of our everyday life, which are ceremonially fused in hanging buckets. But it's enough to stumble a bit and everything goes down the line!

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