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Tajemství oblaků

"Secrets of the clouds" / open air show

45 min suitable for everybody? zdarma / free

The childhood is a period of stories. Of the stories we hear and of the stories we tell. These stories can make people laugh, they sooth the sadness, and they fight the boredom. Believe it or not, sometimes stories can turn an every-day walk to school into an adventure. The AirGym Art Company will try to tell this kind of story. It is called Secrets of the Clouds. Acrobats, performers, and clowns will tell a story without words. Instead, aerial and ground acrobatics, physical theatre and clowning will be used.

Imagine you only live with several creatures. Maybe they’re people, maybe they’re not. Imagine you live in a small, closed group, perhaps it’s a family, and you are going through a dark and not really friendly landscape, maybe it’s a desert, but maybe you can’t know it because it’s not important… What is important is that you respect your rules which are as peculiar as your family. And you’re carrying all you need. You’re basically a nomad, a traveller, an outcast by choice. Some bearded scientist may say you’d probably form up a small vulnerable community cut off from the rest of the world which you make your own ideas about. But what makes you live in isolation? Do you find the world hostile? Or is it all a game? Then something surprising happens. A stranger appears in the space you know. How will you cope? What will happen? Horror or an amazing adventure? And most importantly – who is the stranger anyway?

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