Cirque Le Roux
The Deer In The Headlights


Contemporary circus film noir is back. In 2015, Cirque Le Roux dazzled Letní Letná audience with The Elephant in the Room. After five years, they come to Prague to play their second chapter. They sold out the halls at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and were nominated for a theater award Total. Up to 50,000 spectators came to their show in Paris.

Deer In The Headlights is a tribute to the film, contemporary circus and humanity in all its beauty and clumsiness. It tells the story of family, loss and life through eccentric and comic intrigues.
"A joyful, aesthetic, sophisticated and warm show that will catch you and keep you going."

Six artists perform handstands, hand to hand acrobatics and tense acrobatic stunts in which
combines physical risk with humor and emotional depth. "A gallery of surprising, charismatic, funny and flashy characters that emphasize not only tenderness, but above all the uniqueness and fragility of interpersonal relationships."

Cirque Le Roux was founded in 2014 and thanks to its cinematic and carefully detailed aesthetics, their performances are full of suspense, tragicomedy and dreamy atmosphere. He tries to create a captivating and original world, in which he is based on various artistic influences.



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