60 min 450 Kč

Three characters, three universes, three destinies. Three seemingly unrelated images, united by the significant scenic language of the creators of Feel the Universe Circus Company.

The philosophy of existentialism, which defined simple being, existence, as the basis of every topic and problem. Likewise, this stage picture was created organically through a gradual exploration of the expression of the various disciplines and the natural characters of the performers. In this performance, the genre of physical theatre develops three completely different acrobatic disciplines, thus covering virtuosic eccentric movement with a conceptual framework.

This three-part leporello will open on August 23 rd , 2023 at Letná Letná. This will be the first joint performance of these artists together.

Chapter One: Status
Each of us is constantly changing... She created her intimate world immediately post. It overshadows and completely absorbs all of the present. Where laughter and tears intertwine. Her body fragile, yet strong. Watch the woman as she harmonizes and moves with the rope in a double interplay. Creating a unique atmosphere full of light and darkness.

"STATUS" is a parallel of a woman walking her life's path. Time passes and she changes with it in every moment. Past, present and future are blended in a dialogue between her inner self and the past, where ideals, fears and desires intermingle. Human mutability is a metaphor for life itself, where new directions and paths are constantly being sought.

Chapter Two: Erlend the Stranger
Loneliness can create a world in one's mind completely disconnected from the outside. The hero balances on the constructs of his own suffering. His immediate honesty with himself does not allow him to understand society. The proximity of risk makes him feel good despite his fear of it. He doesn't believe in God and little he actually finds essential. He is a stranger inside each of us. His name is Erlend.

Chapter Three: IIII. Dimensions
"Get on the dot and get carried away...!" A dot, a circle, an atom, or perhaps even smaller particles. And there are so many of them. So many that they form something larger, insignificant, which, when it is in excess, is significant. Molecular and emotional bonds define us. We who live in a three-dimensional world, between four walls, in a cube, inside and outside at the same time.

Reason and technology embrace us with a warm but firm grip. The pressure increases and the temperature rises. It's time to be absorbed by the Fourth Dimension. To be wet with intuition, prenatal sensation, image.