Czech Republic

Klára Hajdinová
V kruhu / In the Circle

A documentary performance with elements of aerial acrobatics

30+30 min suitable for children 10+? 290 Kč

“Sometimes I feel like I can’t step out of the circle”

Anxiety, panic attacks, and depression are issues that are becoming familiar to more and more people. Up to 29% of the Western population will experience anxiety at some point in their lives. They struggle with the same questions, as do psychotherapists all around the world. The consumption of psychopharmaceuticals has increased six times over the last 25 years, transforming the topic of anxiety from a social taboo to a present-day trend. An unwelcome trend. As the author of this project, I’m also someone with rich first-hand experience.

The project “In the Circle” is my debut. For the very first time, I venture onstage alone. It’s an adventure to step forward with my topic. In my eyes, the circle represents treatment – the pill you take every day. But also the vicious circle of constantly going back and forth between medication and therapy.

The performance (30 min) is followed by a debate with a psychotherapist (30-40 min).

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