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There, beyond the rapids, something's different.
The air is the same.
So is the water and the cliffs.
Even the snow and the dazzling blue sky is the same.
Are you asking me, my beloved, what's different there?
The people…


Wendigo is a story of flying which doesn't have to be real.
Wendigo is a story of love which definitely is real.
Wendigo is a story of evil which takes on various forms while remaining invisible and impossible to capture. It's also a story of good which is always weaker when it takes on evil but mustn't give up nevertheless.


Wendigo is a story and we are the storytellers. Movement is our words, our bodies are the verses and instead of devising lofty sentences, we soar ourselves. We strive to take full advantage of the possibilities of aerial acrobatics. Silks, straps, wires and a lot of carabiners give us wings - the wings that the heroes of our story may have never had. But sometimes, all you need to fly is the desire.


The desire to fly and to push the boundaries, which characterizes the AirGym Art Company acrobats, meets storytelling, which is the foundation of the performances of Aventyr. The two companies join forces to tell the legend of Wendigo. But… Who is Wendigo?

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AirGym Art Company