Czech Republic

Losers Cirque Company

Woman, Rose, Song, Bone

50 min 650 Kč

About Female Role Models
The world is changing with incredible dynamism. Every day brings new situations, new conflicts, new challenges. We are all thrown into its maelstrom and it is up to us to navigate it. It is not easy to find one's way of life, one's firm place in the contemporary world. It is not easy to arrange our relationships. Traditional patterns are breaking down and social models are losing their validity.

Each generation finds that the experiences of the previous ones have lost their validity and that it is necessary to adapt to new situations with new approaches. To build their own tables of values, to make decisions according to their own criteria. It is necessary to set your own rules. Especially if you are a woman. The role of women, their status, their expectations, have perhaps never been transformed with such vigour on such a global scale in history.

In this situation, role models, examples, inspiring individuals are becoming more valuable. Each of the actors in the show tells what inspires her, what she admires, what fascinates her in her life. What helps her navigate her way through life. Life inspiration becomes inspiration for the movement performance.

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