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Festival Area Map

The festival takes place in the Letenské Sady park between the Kramář Villa and the Hanavský Pavilion. The nearest streets are Gogolova and Na Baště Sv. Tomáše.

How to get there and parking

The closest public transport stops are Chotkovy Sady (trams 2, 12, 18, 20 and 97, a 5-minute walk to the festival area) Hradčanská (metro line A, trams 1, 2, 8, 18, 20, 25, 26, 91, 96 and 97, a 12-minute walk), Sparta (trams 1, 8, 12, 25, 26, 91 and 96, a 15-minute walk).

Parking is available in underground garages opposite the Sparta stadium by the exit from the Blanka tunnel ( - parking website only in Czech), a 15-minute walk.

Entrance to the festival area and tickets (basic information)

Entrance to the festival area is free. The festival offers paid shows (most of the performances for adults and children on 4 stages) as well as free ones (selected outdoor performances, workshops, concerts in the bar, and the food area).

arrowInformation for Visitors with Handicaps

When booking tickets for people in wheelchairs, please contact us before the purchase (the capacity is limited due to the technical layout of the various venues) at There are barrier-free toilets in several location in the festival area.

arrowTicket Purchase

General information

To receive an invoice for bulk purchases, please contact us at

A tax receipt can be downloaded for your account (see "How do I log in?" below). If you need an invoice, please, e‑mail us at

Where do I find my e-Tickets?

After your payment is successfully completed, you will receive an e‑mail with your e‑Tickets as PDF attachments. If you haven't received the e‑mail, please, check your spam folder or search for e‑mails by

If you've already created an account on our website, you can log in by clicking the  icon in the top right corner of our website (in mobile version "log in" link in the menu). After login you can find your e‑Tickets in the My Orders section. Your account is created automatically when you purchase tickets. You can log in with your e‑mail address. If you don't log in within 14 days after your account is created, it will be automatically deleted.

Bank transfers take one workday to be processed, so, if you make the payment on Monday, you should receive your e‑Tickets by e‑mail on Tuesday. If you can't find the e‑mail, please, check your spam folder or search for e‑mails by

If you have purchased a ticket online, it is not necessary to print it. You can only have a PDF version on your phone and show the QR code on the display.

How do I log in to my account?

 Click on  the  icon in the top right corner of our website ((in mobile version "log in" link in the menu) and enter your login information – your e‑mail and your password. If you don't know or don't remember your password, ask for a new one to be sent to you.

After succesful login you have to click on the icon once more to open your user account.

In your account, you can review your past purchases, change your password or sign up for the Circus Fans Club.

arrowVoucher Purchase and Redemption

Voucher purchase

Vouchers can be purchased on our website and personally at the box office at Letenske sady. We offer these options of online payment:

  • online card
  • bank transfer payment

Voucher redemption

A voucher can only be used for purchases of equal or higher price. If you want to purchase tickets for a lower amount, contact us at

Instructions for redeeming vouchers are available here.

arrowTicket Returns and Date Changes

No refunds for purchased tickets.

When in doubt whether your payment has been successful or when experiencing other technical issues, please, contact us at

arrowWhy can't I attend an evening performance with a child under 6?

  • We respect the age recommendations of the companies.
  • The performances are technically demanding, often contain loud music and moments when the artists need to concentrate. From our long-term experience and feedback from our audience and artists, we know that in the case of pre-school children, the performance is unfortunately often disrupted by noise or the need to leave the performance prematurely at unpredictable moments, which can endanger the safety of the artists and at the same time limit the experience of the performance for other viewers.
  • If you leave the show, you can't go back.

Use the baby-sitting for children of 4 years of age at the festival. The "Night Watch" is there for you!

arrowAdverse weather – possible show cancellation (for paid outdoor shows)

The cancellation of a show is decided on by the Letní Letná festival no later than 30 minutes before its planned start.

An open-air show can take place even in adverse weather if the technical conditions permit it and the performers agree.

  • If it's raining 30 minutes before the start of the show but it's likely to stop soon, the organizer reserves the right to postpone the performance by no more than 30 minutes.
  • If it starts raining during the performance and the weather condition is likely to be short lived (a short rain or storm) but the rain is strong enough to make continuation of the performance temporarily impossible, the organizer reserves the right to interrupt the show and let it continue as soon as the weather permits.


Ticket refunds for canceled shows 

If the show is canceled before its start or within 30 minutes into the performance, spectators have the right for ticket refunds. The refund is made automatically to the purchaser's account or you will be contacted by us. If you have any questions, e‑mail us at

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