19. srpna

This year again, Letní Letná will be featuring the Clown Ambulance where the Clowndoctors will give “examine” you and perhaps even “treat” you. All patients suffering from momentary gloominess are welcome, but so are those who merely want their already good mood improved even further. The clowns will be giving our prescriptions for Humorin and for frequent and consistent wearing of a red nose. Apart from the ambulance, they’ll take care of you in the children’s tent as well, where they’ll switch their hospital costumes for theatre ones and will perform four plays for you and the children.

Clown ambulance 

from 10 am to 6 pm

Performance for children from the Medical Clowns

11:00 Vávra má rád hasiče
14:00 Sněhurka
15:30 Lampa pana Aladina
17:00 Vy jste doktor?

Zdravotní klaun, o. p. s., is a non-profit organization that has been bringing humor and joy to hospitalized children, seniors and others in need in the health care field since 2001. In doing so, it contributes to improving their mental and overall health through visits from specially trained Health Clowns. There are 93 professional Health Clowns in the Czech Republic who regularly visit 63 hospitals, 10 homes for the elderly and 1 hospice. For more information visit www.zdravotniklaun.cz