Ecological sustainability of the Letní Letná festival

Here you will find a summary of the festival's ecological activities

For nearly 10 years, Letní Letná has been striving for the most efficient ecological management. Every year, together with our partners, we find new ways of organising the festival in an ecological way. We place as much emphasis on protecting the environment as on meeting the needs of our visitors. We are constantly innovating ways to improve the environmental sustainability of the festival, both globally in relation to reducing and sorting festival waste, reducing energy consumption and emissions, and locally towards protecting and preserving natural values in the busy and popular Letná area, which gave the festival its name and face.

Throughout the festival, tents, stands and all furnishings are erected at a safe distance from trees, and crosswalks, mats and other technologies are used to protect grassy areas in busy places, as recommended by experts. During the festival, we carry out regular inspections of the greenery with the participation of experts and always after the end of the Letní Letná Festival, the grass areas receive maximum care, including reseeding and wellness treatment, so that soon after the festival it is not noticeable that the event has taken place on the site.

Waste and waste minimisation

In the first phase, Letní Letná will focus on waste prevention by using washable plates, utensils, glasses and cups in the Gastro Zone. For nearly 10 years, drinks have been available for purchase only in glass or returnable cups with custom collectible designs by various artists and designers.

Furthermore, great emphasis is placed on maximising the use of waste by sorting it. A sufficient number of colourful bins with information signs explaining in detail how to sort are always installed in the festival area. The festival continuously provides environmental education to visitors, and in recent years it has been possible to ensure that 90% of waste does not end up in landfill but is processed into alternative fuel or recycled. The festival has been working with Augiášův chlév (Augiah's Barn), a company that provides cleaning, sorting and end use of waste, since 2020. In 3 years, we have managed to introduce ecological measures together, minimising the amount of mixed waste and reducing the carbon footprint. In 2023, 4 tons of glass were recycled, 0.13 tons of iron and approx. 0.85 tons of old electrical waste were handed over for further processing, and wooden material for furniture was upcycled and remade to serve other purposes.

Drinking water dispensers were installed in the backstage area to reduce the consumption of disposable plastic bottles by the artists and the organizing team. The banners, which are part of the decoration of the venue, are not thrown away by Letní Letná and will be used in future years.

Letní Letná also introduces children to waste recycling during its suburban camps, where they are taught not only how to sort waste but also how to actively use recycled materials during art workshops. Its overall approach builds a relationship with nature and the park in which the children are located.


Environmental protection is now a global issue and the principles of environmental protection are becoming a natural part of the work of an increasing number of entities, including cultural organisations, such as us.

Extensive research shows that the biggest burden on festivals is traffic. This includes transportation of materials and equipment as well as performers and visitors. As an urban festival, Letní Letná makes maximum use of local resources. The festival is very easily accessible by public transport, which visitors use to the maximum extent.

In 2022, the Bosch company became a partner of Letní Letná, lending not only personal but also cargo electric bicycles for transporting goods and materials. The cooperation continued this year, with the number of loaned bicycles multiplied even more.

In 2023, the festival added a new partner for clean and sustainable mobility – Mercedes-Benz. The company loaned two electric vans to Letná Letná, which made it possible to transport festival equipment and supplies in an environmentally friendly way.

International groups performing at the festival prefer ground transport to air transport as much as possible, thus also reducing the festival's carbon footprint.