Response to a Speech by the Czech President

Mr. President,

I am very glad that Hanka Třeštíková has written you an open letter which, unlike your words, is very cultivated and dignified. We completely identify with her position. Her letter accurately expresses the opinion and feelings of most artists. It's a shame that you have insulted all the decent and hard-working people in the cultural sector who are enriching people's lives and who represent the Czech Republic very well abroad. Their "gigs" are work, just like everyone else's work. It has nothing to do with the wheeling and dealing you know from your immediate circles. Real men are able to admit their mistakes and apologize. Also in your speech, you forgot to thank all the paramedics, firefighters, policemen, soldiers and other essential workers who go out of their way to make sure everyone stays healthy, including you.

Jiří Turek, director of the festival Letní Letná