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Surnatural Orchestra & Cirque Inextremiste


34 artists, 3 dimensions, 360° and one giant trampoline in an extreme show that defies gravity.

What happens when you combine an 18-piece orchestra with performers with no sense of self-preservation and a giant trampoline? The answer is PIC – a dizzying show where no one's feet stay on the ground.

Spectacular, dramatic, yet at times very intimate – that's PIC. A show that draws the audience into three dimensions and 360°. Everyone is part of it. It was created as a joint masterpiece between the popular French acrobats Cirque Inextremiste and the imaginative musicians of the Surnatural Orchestra. The musicians in the PIC show certainly don't stay still, during the show the musicians mingle with the circus performers and take part in their acts. Contemporary music and circus arts intersect in a unique art form where 18 musicians perform while flying through the air or hovering above awestruck spectators, all the while held together by harmony.

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