Compagnia DUE

a comedy show for young and old

75 min suitable for children 4+? 250 Kč

Come in, come in! Welcome ....... AVANTI! 

Take a seat and lean back. The fanfare sounds, the curtain opens, the show begins. Spotlight on the artists entering, A fireworks display, a roller coaster of circus arts – funny, surprising, playful, poetic and breathtaking.

A fantastic cabaret which will make you summersault in the air, simultaneously where a dwarf turns into a giant, a juggler multiplies the number of balls, magic flows seemingly without end.

An thus we accompany you through the fantastic ... small big world of theatre Avanti.

Admission is free for all audience members 3 years and older. Only a limited number of full-price tickets are available in advance. Discount promotions such as Family Admission (4 x tickets for 220 CZK) and Faithful Fairy Tale Spectator (8+2 free tickets) will only be available for purchase at the festival box office open from 12 August.

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