Czech Republic

Cirk La Putyka

Circus expedition for pure joy

45 min suitable for children 5+? 450 / 200 Kč

Crazy jumps on a giant teeterboard, group dance choreographies, aerial acrobatics and flying on a trampoline. Gags follow a trick, rhythmic music alternates with laughter, and hypnotic images contrast with an open-air summer party. Tradition meets the modern, experienced Putykans mix with the young circus blood. A total of eight acrobats, actors and dancers gleam like the colorful fragments in a kaleidoscope. Let your mind wander. Open your eyes, prick up your ears and let yourself be engrossed in a glaring collage of art and joy.

"The title correctly implies that the show is more about focus on form and beauty than on metaphysical wonderings on philosophy of life and being.” – Maksim Komaro, director

The show will take place outside, and there is no seating ready on the spot (grass surface). In case of bad weather, the festival reserves the right to change the program. More information here. 

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