Czech Republic

Legenda o Sooleimanovi

The Legend of Sooleimon

30 min suitable for everybody? zdarma / free

Sooleimon, the greatest hero of the mythical land of Langkasuka, has gone missing… Is it in anyone’s power at all to bring him back?

The legend of Sooleimon is a performance carrying the scent of faraway lands, foamy tides, and fantastic adventures. The story of the ancient island of Langkasuka is set in the dark depths of a humid jungle, but also in palace chambers and old temple ruins. All these places are visited by the brave (if a little hot-headed) Menara, daughter of a pirate captain. She’s searching for the hero Sooleimon, who had disappeared exactly on the day she was born under very mysterious circumstances. Acting as Menara’s self-appointed guide is the mischievous demon Azmiz, who for one is not exactly in a big hurry to find Sooleimon…

This exotic story will delight the youngest members of the audience and all parents who can still see the world through children’s eyes. It’s packed with frantic action, crazy fights, daring acrobatic stunts, but also love, friendship, and perhaps even a couple of touching moments.

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