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6 55 min suitable for children 6+? 450 Kč

Dreams arrange thoughts and ideas into picture collages.

Sometimes they rest lightly against one another, like pieces of golden straw, kissed by the summer sun. You can smell the sweetness and feel the softness under your bare feet, as you walk over the straws, weightless.

Other times they’re heavy and tangled, as if the straw got soaked by a recent rain that came down from the darkening night sky above.

We’re starting to think maybe we should be afraid, but then we realize we already are…

The contemporary circus performance NonSen(s) mainly works with aerial and ground acrobatics. It’s built on fantasy and illusion, on ideas that are impossible to define or classify. Their meaning is to have no meaning, but they still speak to us, and somewhere deep in our soul each one of us understands them in our own way.

It’s a performance about dreams. Dreams of the day, dreams of the night, desires, and secret wishes. About nightmares, childhood visions, skeletons in the closet, and our mother's old dress. About the fact that in our unique individuality, we actually have a lot in common. How many of us have dreamed about falling without hitting the ground, or running away without being able to move? Or having our teeth fall out? How many of us have imagined being on a TV talk show or secretly practicing an Oscars acceptance speech? And then there’s wishing you could eat an entire jar of Nutella…

Forget about the world outside for a moment and dive into your mind (and ours).


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