50 min suitable for children 6+? 350/250 Kč

Towards success, to follow our dreams. To get what we want! Now. At a discount.

Inspired by Václav Havel's optical poem, the uniquely comic performance Straight Forward focuses on the unstoppable pace of society and consumerism. We try to experience, manage and own everything. Whatever they have, we want it too. However, on the way to our desired goals, we encounter obstacles. It's the people around us, it's us. Is there a goal at all? And what happens if we stop?

The show combines group acrobatics, teeterboard, physical theatre and... a shopping trolley. Straight Forward is the third all-evening performance by Žongléros Ansámbl. This time they have worked with the breathtaking, live-produced music and vocals of Emma Brabcová. The performance was created under the artistic supervision of Markéta Vacovská.

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