Open-Air Performances

Adverse Weather Rules

These rules apply to roofless outdoor stages with no seating for the audience (on the lawn). We recommend bringing a blanket to sit on.

During rain, umbrellas can't be used, we recommend bringing rain-proof clothing or raincoats.


Adverse weather – possible show cancellation

The cancellation of a show is decided on by the Letní Letná festival no later than 30 minutes before its planned start.

An open-air show can take place even in adverse weather if the technical conditions permit it and the performers agree.

  • If it's raining 30 minutes before the start of the show but it's likely to stop soon, the organizer reserves the right to postpone the performance by no more than 90 minutes.
  • If it starts raining during the performance and the weather condition is likely to be short lived (a short rain or storm) but the rain is strong enough to make continuation of the performance temporarily impossible, the organizer reserves the right to interrupt the show and let it continue as soon as the weather permits.


Ticket refunds for canceled shows (Résiste)

If the show is canceled before its start or within 30 minutes into the performance, spectators have the right for ticket refunds. The refund is made automatically to the purchaser's account or you will be contacted by us. If you have any questions, e‑mail us at